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Customer: GalvTech - Pittsburgh, Pa.


Wilson Farmerie- General Partner - telephone no. 412-261-3488

Pete Stringi - President - telephone no. 412-464-5000

Upgrade of Continuous Galvanizing Line - 1999

Preparation of the project scope & budget together with the customer to provide a production increase of 25% through the addition of furnace preheat and cooling sections with associated mechanical, piping and electrical work.

Procurement on behalf of the customer including preparation of equipment specifications, review of bids and writing/placement of orders on customer purchase orders.

Coordination of Equipment Vendors including meetings for review of progress, design, and project schedule. Expediting and inspection of equipment prior to shipment.

Preparation of Installation drawings and specifications and coordination of bidding by installation contractor. Review of bids and recommendations for order placement.

Preparation of overall installation, checkout and startup plan for the new facility.

On site Supervision of all installation including foundations, mechanical, piping, and electrical.

Complete supervision of all personnel to checkout and commission the new equipment including process equipment, fluids, electrical power and controls.

The production startup curve exceeded owner expectations with successful startup within ten days from the start of work.

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